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Filelist codes is specially for sites that want to show user a download page in a arranged manner. This code helps you to view all files in a arannged manner for example vist Tonesmob

Now lets see how to add filelist code in xtgem site
previously we saw about Simple Filelist code today we will see how to add them is xtgem site

follow these steps (very simple)
● Open xtgem account
● Go to account panel
● Select filebrowser

follow these steps in file browser
● create folder named "Application"
● Upload files inside this folder your file url will be like this "http://url.xtgem.com/application/file.apk"

Now everything is done you can upload any file to this folder , it will be displayed in the page where you are going to add code

●Leave application folder once upload is complete now go to "file browser" again
●create a new file names applications (its not necessary to create html page also in the same name of the folder created to upload files)
●add the filelist code in the page you had created rename the path to /applications/ in filelist code

Note: If files are added in different folder like "applications > Download > files" your path for filelist code is like /applications/donwload/

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Home » Wapmaster » Xtgem » Adding Filelist Code to Xtgem Site

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