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Hai users,,,
Lets now see how to build forum in xtgem

1. Open Filebrowser in xtgem create a file named forum
2. Open the file you created (forum) you will find add block option use it
3. In options select social > Discussions/Forum
4. You had built you forum congratulations!

Now your forum is ready but still its structure is not built you need to build structure of the forum you will now see "edit forum structure" in forum page use it to edit forum

1. Add category , this is the main important structure for xtgem forum.User can create as much categories he can

2. Add boards under each category these boards is the place where forum user can post their own forum, each boards must be different

3. CONGRATULATIONS!! Forum built..
Home » Wapmaster » Xtgem » Build Forum On Xtgem Site

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