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Hai dear users,,,
Welcome back this post is about simple filelist code for xtgem site.

What is Filelist
Filelist function lets xtgem user to display files in a folder like download portal. This code can be modified as per user wish

FileList Code
<xt:filelist sort_type="name" sort_dir="desc" filter="*.*" folder="/xtgem/file_list/download" template="" />

How to make filelist
1. Copy code from here
2. Change the folder [color=red](folder="xtgem/file_list")[/color] to your site folder where files you had uploaded.
3. You need to change template to show files in your wish but you must know how to change it or else i had already made a template below you can copy that from below

Modify Filelist

Type = Name
Sort = desc/asc
Filter = *.* / ? / -
Folder = Xtgem folder with files
Template = how filelist should appear this template decides

Template Code
< change &lt;
> change to &gt;
& change to &amp;
" change to &quot;

Below i had shared code for filelist just edit the folder and use the code in your site How Code looks

<xt:filelist sort_type="name" sort_dir="desc" filter="*.*" folder="/path/folder" template="»Name : .file_name_base_parsed.&lt;br&gt;»Size : (.file_size.)&lt;br&gt;»Type : .file_type.&lt;br&gt;»File Uploaded On : .file_datetime.&lt;br&gt;»Download : &lt;a href=&quot;.file_url.?__xt_download=1&quot;&gt;Download&lt;/a&gt;&lt;hr&gt;" per_page="10" />
Copy code

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